Computer Cleaning

Computers across the world have been stuck lazy! Or at least that is what it seems like. Knowing how to motivate and speed up your computer and bring it back to peak performance can take years to learn, and hours to perform. We will get your computer off the couch, and get it back in shape for you in a fraction of the time, and show you ways to keep your computer running fast and smoothly.

Computer Virus Removal Service – Computer Virus and other computer infections are tough to fight. They are unfriendly, sneaky, and down right rude. If you are out and about and catch a nasty cold or virus, you go to a doctor. Your PC is no different! If your computer has caught something nasty out there on the net, and it is all you can do to keep it just barely running, admit it to our urgent care technical support unit to remove those nasty computer virus and infections.

Spyware Removal – Spyware is dangerous, it can even be more dangerous than viruses. When your computer is infected by spyware your entire life is at risk. Spyware monitors and records all of your activity online. This means websites you visit, applications that you use on your computer, and everything that you type onto your computer. Both online and offline data is at risk of being stolen! Stop your identity and private information from being stolen today with our Spyware removal service.

Malware Removal – The only reason malicious software exists is to hurt your computer and destroy your computers files, programs, and your private information. Pictures, videos, documents, and everything else on your computer is at risk of being lost forever. Pc Care Support’s Malware removal will ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Online Registry Repair – The brain of the windows operating system is the computer registry, and just like us, it can get cluttered, forget where the keys are, and the names of best friends. Fortunately our remote tech support team will clean up your computers registry to help improve your PC’s overall performance, and help it run like it did the first time you got it.